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What do you tell the consumer about your packaging?


A recurring question I discuss with clients now is about what they should tell their consumers when it comes to their packaging. Do they claim that their package is now recyclable and environment friendly? Is the sustainability factor something they want to plaster on their package to brag about? If the package is compostable should they state it?

Sometimes confusion sets in as the brief states that the issue of sustainability needs to be addressed but do we tell the consumer it is happening and results in a package that is better for the environment? Will the consumer find the product and manufacturer more favorable? Does brand loyalty rise when this happens? What if the consumers don’t get told of the efforts made to create such a package?

Every brand is different as is every package. We address the goals and concerns with our clients as the degree of communication this information varies. Some express the issue in a more outwardly manner than others and our job as package designers is to assist our clients in expressing their message the best way possible.

So look closely at the package and see just how much information about the package is being expressed next time you’re in the store.

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