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Recycling Old Faithful and Doing It Justice.

Beginning January 1, 2012 landfills in the state of Illinois will not accept electronic devices such as televisions, computers and cell phones. Those kinds of devices must, instead, be disposed of through a recycling company or organization. We’re all aware of the overcrowding in landfills and the time has come to recycle and repurpose the materials within items we dispose. Stores selling electronics are now providing consumers outlets and methods of contributing to this effort. One of the methods comes in the form of a rebate offering. When you buy a particular electronic device, a form is provided which asks the consumer to make contact in getting the device to the outlet. A package arrives for the consumer with sustainable materials inside to protect the device as it gets shipped to a recycling / repurposing center for evaluation. If reusable, the device gets a freshening up for a new life. If not, the parts that can be repurposed are removed and done so. Our firm, CTI, (Combined Technologies, Inc.),  participates in such a program where we provide the packaging necessary for the consumer. All the material provided by us for this project is from recycled stock and material and can be used more than once. Although we started as a company creating and manufacturing custom packaging, we understand the issues facing our society today in regards to the waste in packaging and consumer goods and are strong advocates in the act of recycling and repurposing. We applaud the companies that work in this effort and also to the consumers who take the time to participate in this process. We hope to see this effort continue and carry over into other products that we consume regularly.

To learn more about our efforts in sustainable packaging and what we offer go to http://www.ctipack.com

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